SwissStop Compounds

Our rubber compounds are the foundation for our line of brake pads. A range of special formulas has been developed, including compounds for aluminum wheels and compounds for carbon wheels.

We've developed four distinctly different disc pad compounds to meet the needs of a wide range of riding styles and conditions.

Rim Brakes

Aluminum Rims

  • Grey Economy
  • Original Black
    smooth, rim friendly braking
  • GHP2
    high performance
  • BXP
    high performance

Carbon Rims

  • Yellow King
    for carbon rims
  • Black Prince
    excellent modulation

Disc Brakes

  • Disc RS
  • EXOTherm2
  • Organic
  • Disc E
  • Sintered

How to Identify SwissStop Compounds

Compounds for alloy wheels

White writing on pad indicates pad is compatible with aluminum wheels

Compounds for alloy wheels may be different colors including black, green and blue, but all have white writing on the side of the pad.

  • Original Black

  • BXP

Compounds for carbon wheels

Yellow compound or writing on pad indicates pad is compatible with carbon wheels

SwissStop's brake pads for carbon wheels can be identified by the yellow compound, in the case of the Yellow King, or yellow writing on the side of the pad in the case of the Black Prince.

  • Yellow King

  • Black Prince