1. Which pads should I use with my carbon rims?

Always use the pad recommended by your wheel builder. SwissStop can not overtake any warranty from your wheel builder.

2. Which is the most powerful SwissStop compound for alloy rims?

BXP pads not only deliver great modulation but also superior wet and dry performance on alloy rims.

3. Can I use SwissStop carbon pads on alloy rims?

Yes, it works but alloy pads perform much better on alloy rims and the change from alloy to carbon rims can be dangerous for carbon rims. Any alloy bubble in the carbon pad can destroy a carbon rim in only a few braking intervals.

4. Can I use alloy pads on carbon rims?

NO, heat resistance of a SwissStop alloy pad is only about half that of a SwissStop carbon pad. Alloy pads about 160°C, SwissStop carbon pads about 300°C.

5. Which is the most gentle SwissStop compound for alloy rims?

It depends on your rim. If braking power is not your main target Original Black pads should be best for you.

6. Which pads for Mavic Exalith rims?

Only use original Mavic Exalith 2 pads for all Mavic Exalith rims.

7. Which pads for Mavic Carbon rims?

Use either Mavic or SwissStop Yellow King brake pads. No other brake pad is yet approved for Mavic Carbon rims.

8. Which pads for Bontrager carbon road wheels?

Bontrager Aeolus D3 and Bontrager Aeolus D3 TLR product lines are all approved for use with Black Prince (either version, FlashPro or Flash EVO) pads in all conditions.

9. How do you tell the difference between SwissStop pads for alloy wheels and SwissStop pads for carbon wheels?

White writing on the pad indicates a pad for alloy wheels.

Yellow pad or yellow printing on the pad indicates a pad for carbon wheels.

10. Which pads for Campagnolo Shamal Mille or Fulcrum Racing Zero Nite rims?

Only use original Campagnolo Shamal Mille Blue pads for all Campagnolo Shamal Mille and Fulcrum Racing Zero Nite rims.

11. Which pads for DT Swiss Oxic wheels?

Only SwissStop BXP compound pads (FlashPro, FlashEVO or RacePro) are approved for DT Swiss Oxic wheels.

12. Where can I find GHP2 compound pads?

BXP has replaced GHP2 as SwissStop’s high performance compound for alloy wheels. BXP offers more brake power and better modulation than GHP2.

13. Where can I find Disc S (sintered) compound pads?

SwissStop has stopped producing Disc S models and recommends Disc E as a replacement. Disc E provides:

  1. Low noise – Disc E is quiet in dry conditions, similar noise to Disc S in wet conditions
  2. Smooth modulation – Disc E provides better control of the braking power
  3. Better durability – Disc E lasts about twice as long as Disc S while also less abrasive on the rotor